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About Sam

Sam Brown is a Purple Heart recipient, a small businessman, a committed husband and father, and he represents a new generation of conservative leadership.

As the oldest of five children, he quickly learned the importance of servant leadership, and his parents instilled in him an undying commitment to the service of others. Sam always had a desire to serve his country but, when he witnessed the 9/11 terrorist attacks, that desire became an ironclad resolve.

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A Grassroots Movement: Fighting for Nevada Values

We deserve an ally in the U.S. Senate who prioritizes Nevada. Sam Brown is a leader who always puts people over politics. He’ll work to deliver results that:

  • GROW NEVADA’S ECONOMY and create better paying jobs.

  • SECURE OUR BORDERS and make communities safer.

  • DEVELOP AMERICAN ENERGY INDEPENDENCE and lower the cost of living.

  • SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES and entrepreneurs by cutting regulations.

  • MAKE THE TRUMP TAX CUTS PERMANENT for working families.

  • KICK D.C. BUREAUCRATS OUT OF CLASSROOMS and restore local education control to parents and teachers.

  • SAVE THE AMERICAN DREAM and the soul of America.

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Champion for Working Families

Sam Brown is not a politician; he’s an everyday Nevadan ready to solve the issues facing our state. He understands how Nevadans are struggling – in fact, he’s from a small town, working-class military family. Before starting a small business helping veterans get access to critical medications when the VA failed, Sam went back to school to earn his MBA and worked at an Amazon warehouse in Reno.

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“Whether you were born here or moved here, by staying here, you choose to be a Nevadan. There’s a culture of hard work here that we all have – whether it be in hospitality, mining, logistics, manufacturing, farms, or ranches. Nevada is not a place for the lazy. No one comes here because it’s easy. There’s a rugged individualism that exists here that our federal government has forgotten and needs to be reminded of.”