Douglas County Commissioner Mark Gardner: “We need Sam Brown”

Our state has been represented by out-of-touch elites for decades. We’ve all seen the same career politicians roll into town and make promises for votes. But once they get elected, they seem to forget about Douglas County until the next election. If we keep voting in these people, how can we expect things to be any different?

I supported Adam Laxalt in 2018 when he ran for governor. We were counting on him to defeat Steve Sisolak, but he ran a poor campaign and failed. It’s not right, yet he publicly blames Trump voters for his loss. We’ve all seen the terrible impact that Governor Sisolak has had on our freedoms and our communities – we have Adam’s loss to thank for that.

In his 2018 run against fellow Republicans to be the nominee for governor, he seemed to say all the right things – including taking a hardline stance against the commerce tax and saying he’d repeal it. It worked – he became the GOP nominee. But once he got into the general election, he quickly retreated and said repealing the tax wasn’t possible.

In 2017, as Attorney General, he did a reversal too. That time it was about protecting our 2nd Amendment rights. I know firsthand how strongly this county feels on that subject. I was in the audience when the then Board voted on the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Resolution. In his Attorney General campaign, Adam had claimed he was against Red Flag laws that allow liberal judges to seize firearms without due process, yet once AG, he officially recommended their enactment.

Adam put out an official press release recommending the legislature pass Red Flag laws, and the Democrats were all too eager to oblige. Naturally, Sisolak signed them into law. I’m not saying that Adam Laxalt is a bad guy – I’m just saying he’s proven he can’t be trusted to stand up for conservative principles.

We need a fighter who’ll stick to his promises and win. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Sam Brown for U.S. Senate. He’s a Purple Heart veteran, successful small businessman, dedicated family man, devoted Christian – and, most importantly, a new and true conservative leader.

Capt. Sam Brown has spent a lot of time in Douglas County. He knows the issues that matter to us because he’s invested his time and resources to learn about our communities, meet with our residents, and listen to our concerns. Adam’s barely come here lately at all.

Sam Brown is a strong conservative who fought for our country on the battlefield, and he’ll fight for us in the United States Senate. As his ads say, Sam Brown puts duty first.

This US Senate race is vitally important for our state. We need a winner and someone who can beat Catherine Cortez Masto in November. It’s time we demand more as Nevadans, and it’s time for a change. We don’t need a career politician. We need Sam Brown.


Originally published in The Record Courier, 5/25/2022