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Reject the Smears

What does it say about Adam Laxalt that he would smear a veteran who nearly paid the ultimate price for our country?

LAXALT LIE: Sam Brown moved to Nevada to run for office.

FACT: A life of military service is a commitment to serve where America needs you to serve. Sam Brown’s first deployment was to Afghanistan. He was then medically evacuated to the Army’s burn unit in Texas because of the IED explosion that left a large portion of his body covered in third degree burns. While recovering, he met his wife Amy who was also in the Army and stationed in Texas, and earned his MBA. After serving the country honorably and graduating from business school, Sam and Amy finally had a chance to choose where to raise their young family. They chose Nevada for the community and values they wanted their children to experience.

The fact is that when Sam Brown nearly made the ultimate sacrifice, it was for all Americans, including Nevadans.

Nevadans can decide for themselves who will represent them best. A grassroots servant-leader like Sam Brown. Or Adam Laxalt, a DC politician who moved to Nevada to run for office on his family’s name.

But didn’t Sam once say it would take an act of God to leave Texas?

FACT: Adam Laxalt’s latest ad deceptively edits and manipulates Sam’s voice and arranges his statements out of order to distort their meaning. When on fire, Sam also once thought he’d never leave Afghanistan. But that wasn’t God’s plan. Like many of you, Sam and Amy chose Nevada for their family — for its beauty and for its freedom.

LAXALT LIE: Sam Brown comes from a billionaire family.

FACT: Sam Brown was raised by a military service family in a modest home that they built for themselves in small town Arkansas. When Sam was young, his father told Sam he wouldn’t be able to afford to pay for his education. Sam had to apply himself in school and work hard to earn his place in West Point. He was then deployed to Afghanistan, where he nearly lost his life in an IED explosion.

Here is a picture of Sam, his brother, and his parents. Do they look like billionaires to you?

FACT: Sam Brown – not DC transplant Adam Laxalt – was endorsed by the local delegates of the Nevada Republican Party.