RENO, Nev. — U.S. Senate candidate Sam Brown is calling on Senator Jacky Rosen to tell the public if she stands with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his coalition government or Senate Majority Chuck Schumer.

On Thursday, Schumer — the U.S. Senate’s leading Democrat — attempted to interfere in domestic Israeli political affairs by calling for a new election to replace Netanyahu, who Schumer derided as “no longer [fitting] the needs of Israel after Oct. 7.”

Schumer’s comments come after a months-long split amongst Democrats, creating dueling factions that support Israel or Hamas.

“Jacky Rosen’s silence is heard loud and clear. Today, Chuck Schumer abandoned and condemned Israel’s coalition government, and Sen. Rosen so far refuses to speak out against her party leader’s embrace of Hamas talking points. Sen. Rosen refuses to say if she will stand with Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu during this time of great need as they rightfully work to destroy the terrorist group Hamas,” said Sam Brown. “It takes courage to be a leader — to stand up for what’s right even in the face of criticism from your own party. Jacky Rosen has shown she’s unwilling to take a stand and be a leader. I’ll state this clearly: the United States must stand with Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu — Hamas must be destroyed.”

“Since Jacky Rosen is so quick to silently abandon America’s greatest ally in the Middle East over Democrat Party politics, it should come as no surprise that she’ll abandon Nevadans too if Chuck Schumer demands it. Is $36 million the price for Jacky Rosen’s silence?” said Kristy Wilkinson, Communications Director for Sam Brown for Nevada.

Chuck Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC recently reserved $36 million in airtime in Nevada to protect Sen. Jacky Rosen’s seat.

UPDATE: 4 hours after Sam Brown’s statements were released, and nearly hours after Schumer’s initial comments, Jacky Rosen released a short statement.