Sam Brown Responds to the Arrest of Gold Star Father Steve Nikoui

“Last night, we heard from the Commander in Chief as he delivered his State of the Union address. But we also heard from a grieving Gold Star father — Steve Nikoui — as he demanded that the President of the United States, as well as the entire nation, never forget the sacrifice of his son Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui and the 13 who bravely gave their life during the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

My heart breaks for him and his family and for all Gold Star families across the nation who grieve the loss of their loved ones during these last couple of decades of warfare.

But the insult of last night could not have been more extreme as Steve was hauled out of the chambers and arrested for demanding that his son and the sacrifice of others be remembered.

We must always remember Abbey Gate. We must remember that leadership has consequences — that failed leadership hurts — and we must learn those lessons and never forget the sacrifice.

So today I want Steve to know that there are Americans who value the sacrifice of his son, the sacrifice of thousands of families as they are never able to be with their loved one again.

And so, I ask you to join me today in donating to the Gary Sinise Foundation, an organization that has a long history of providing care and comfort and connectivity for these families. These families who’ve been left with a gaping wound in the loss of a loved one.

What was done last night was shameful. It should never be done again. Our U.S. Capitol should be a place for the American people. It was built on the blood of Americans who sacrificed, and we should always honor and remember that.

Remember the 13, remember Abby Gate, and let us always honor their sacrifice. Thank you.”