Sam Brown Response to Biden State of the Union Address

“No matter how many times out-of-touch Joe Biden tries to sell us on the lie that things are better, we know the truth: gas and energy prices are through the roof; our southern border is open and overrun with cartel drugs, violence, and human trafficking; working families can’t afford to buy homes; and crime is out control. Nevadans are going broke paying the high price of Bidenomics while America faces some of its gravest national security threats, but Jacky Rosen’s reaction is to sit back and applaud. Joe Biden and Jacky Rosen are hurting Nevadans, not helping us. As Nevada’s next U.S. Senator, I won’t sit back – I’ll get to work right away to save America and help Nevada’s families and small businesses recover and thrive.”

-Sam Brown, Candidate for U.S. Senate