Sam Brown “sets major fundraising record in bid to flip crucial Senate seat from Democrats”

The campaign of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sam Brown released its Q4 fundraising numbers for 2023, and the figure has gained national attention for breaking a Nevada fundraising record.

Sam Brown’s $1.85m haul outraised all previous U.S. Senate campaign challengers in the Q4 of the election cycle off year, including Jacky Rosen’s $1.57m fundraising total during Q4 of 2017 in her bid against incumbent Sen. Dean Heller. “When combined with his third quarter fundraising, Brown’s campaign brought in a whopping $3.04 million, also a record for that combined time frame,” said Brandon Gillespie of Fox News.

“I’m extremely grateful that tens of thousands of everyday Americans have dug deep and contributed to this campaign. Every day, as we travel throughout Nevada and speak with voters, I’m reminded of why this race is so critical to the future of our state. Through their reckless policies, Jacky Rosen and Joe Biden have made the American Dream unattainable for most Nevadans and left our borders wide open to drugs and violence. Our grassroots campaign is about ending Joe Biden and Jacky Rosen’s American Nightmare, securing our borders, and restoring prosperity. I’m humbled that our movement for change is growing stronger and inspiring people across our state and country to get involved. Ultimately, our victory will come in not just defeating Jacky Rosen and Joe Biden, but in ensuring that the opportunity of the American Dream is restored for every American,” said Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sam Brown.

“Under Joe Biden and Jacky Rosen, Nevada has struggled with the highest unemployment rate in the country, the highest energy costs, and some of the worst performing schools in America. Nevadans want hope for a better future, and Sam Brown’s People’s Agenda will deliver the solutions we need to recover and thrive. Nevadans know what’s at stake this election, and that’s why we’re uniting in support of Sam Brown for U.S. Senate,” said Faith Jones, Campaign Manager.