LAS VEGAS, Nev. — On Saturday, Republican delegates at the Nevada Republican Party State Convention voted to endorse Captain Sam Brown for U.S. Senate. Sam Brown was the only Republican U.S. Senate candidate to be endorsed.

Sam Brown’s primary opponent Adam Laxalt failed to get over the 50% threshold needed to also receive an endorsement — a huge humiliation for a candidate who has relied on big name endorsements but lacks any grassroots presence in the state.

“I’m grateful to be the only U.S. Senate candidate to receive the endorsement of the Nevada Republican Party. Combined with Nevada’s largest network of grassroots donors and volunteers, this endorsement makes it clear that Nevadans are ready for new conservative leadership and the Duty First movement,” said Captain Sam Brown. “Our campaign is proud to always put Nevadans first. We will continue to be the only Nevada US Senate campaign with a People’s Agenda that represents all who have been left behind by political elites and career politicians.”

Veteran Nevada journalist and political commentator Jon Ralston tweeted: “This vote is the perfect example of what I have been saying from the beginning: Nationally, Republicans think @AdamLaxalt is a great candidate for the U.S. Senate. But here in NV, he is not that well-liked by the base, as these votes show. He can’t even get endorsed by @NVGOP!”

Sam Brown is running against establishment-backed Adam Laxalt in the Nevada GOP primary. He has raised millions from small dollar donors across America looking for new conservative leadership.