Utah Senator Mike Lee Endorses Sam Brown for U.S. Senate

Las Vegas, Nev. — On Monday, Senator Mike Lee officially endorsed Sam Brown for U.S. Senate. The Sam Brown campaign released the following statement from Senator Lee (R-UT).

“I am proud to endorse Sam Brown for Senate. In today’s uncertain times, America requires leaders who prioritize national security and fiscal responsibility. Sam embodies these principles flawlessly. His unwavering dedication to safeguarding our nation and cutting wasteful spending distinguishes him as a true conservative leader. With a profound understanding of the threats facing our country, Sam is committed to strengthening our defense and ensuring our safety in an ever-evolving world.
I am confident Sam Brown will be a strong voice for conservative values and a tireless advocate for the American people. Join me in supporting Sam Brown for Senate. Together, let’s ensure a safer, more prosperous future for all Americans,” said Senator Mike Lee.

“I am deeply honored and humbled to receive an endorsement from Senator Mike Lee. His steadfast commitment to conservative principles and dedication to the well-being of our nation serve as a beacon of inspiration for all of us. Thank you for recognizing the importance of national security and fiscal responsibility, which are paramount values in these uncertain times. I’m eager to work alongside like-minded leaders such as Senator Lee in the Senate to advance a shared vision for a stronger America. With his support, I am confident that we can make meaningful progress in safeguarding our nation, cutting wasteful spending, and ensuring a prosperous future for all Americans,” said Sam Brown, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.